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About US

AC Connectors offers customers over 600 products designed to help meet their needs. We offer specialized marine shore, RV/camping, trailer, generator, hospital grade, and IT/CPU server cords and adapters. Some of the products we offer online include:


  • Power connector products like USB chargers.
  • 15/30/50 amp marine shore power connections such as inlets, outlets, sockets and assembly parts.
  • 15/30/50 Amp RV/ Trailer Power Connections such as inlets, outlets, sockets, assembly parts and switch.
  • 15/30/50 amp, 3/4 prongs generator power connections for use in residential, business, industrial and contractor projects that require power connections.
  • 15/20/30/40 amp residential home owner power connections such as power strips, extension cords and USB Chargers. As well as solution type adapters used for dryers, ranges, air conditioners and sump pump replacement cords.
  • Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging connections allowing you to  charge your EV using a dryer socket and range sockets. It also includes connections for welders, generators and shore power docks and RV camping parks.
  • Welder power connection adapters used with power from a 30 amp generator 3/4 prong and home range sockets. 
  • International travel power solutions such as international plus used with N.A sockets, phone USB chargers and Wi-fi routers.
  • Industrial/business power connector solutions customize for such specifications as required by NEMA, IEC, IEC309, international plugs, OEM, ODM, special order and for new tooling products.


AC Connectors also carries a number of other products that are geared towards improving their customer's home or work life by having the necessary cords to power on all of their devices.


We also carry specialized products such as Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging system cords, which are not currently standardized in the market yet; but through AC Connectors, EV owners have access to different types of adapter cords meant to fit their current power source.


AC Connectors also offers more unique services and products that include:

  • Customized power connection products.
  • OEM/ODM special orders.
  • Manufacturer out sourced sales Reps.


AC Connectors

24 hour Phone: (414) 323-3240