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About Us,  24/7 Phone:1-414-434-2220  Fax:1-414-323-8386

       AC Connectors was founded in 2015. In these  years we’ve built up a reputation to become one of the best competitors in the electrical cord supply market. It won’t, however, be enough until we are the absolute best in the market. We’ve also gained major certifications, including C/UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.).


        With 600 plus products AC Connectors wide range of products is designed to help meet your needs. We have specialized in marine shore, RV/camping, trailer, generator, hospital grade, and server quality cords and adapters. This is not to mention the other products we carry that could improve your home or work life by having the necessary cords to power on all of your devices. In addition we don’t have a minimum order unlike our other competitors.


        AC Connectors isn’t just about quality products, but also quality customer service. With seven days a week contact by phone, e-mail and even Skype we’re sure to take care of our customers’ needs. As a privately owned business we have the advantage of serious person-to-person phone calls with our caring employees. You can contact us by phone at anytime 24/7.


        We also believe in green practices. We firmly believe in recycling as many by-products of our business as possible, and encourage all of our employees to participate in these practices. Not only do we recycle, but we reuse many of our by-products for packaging and shipping; boxes, pallets, left over pieces of bulk wire, whatever we can to better serve the environment.


        We offer competitive pricing, even with our already low prices. On top of that we do same day shipping and expedited shipping, with whichever solution you prefer, with the service that will be cheapest to you. (Same day shipping subject to placing an order before 3PM Central Standard Time.) In addition to these things, when you do business with us, you’re doing green business which will benefit the environment, everybody wins! We’re sure you’ll enjoy doing business with one of the best electrical suppliers in the market, and we would appreciate having you as a customer.